Monday, December 22, 2014

'Bout this blogger -Tag
Cait, the Paperfury, has startet the 'bout this blogger tag to celebrate, that she has moved to wordpress and to a new domain, and I found these questions interesting, so I decided to answer them too, because it's all the stuff I always wanted to write about anyway -though some of it migt be already answered on my "About" pages, but never mind. If you want to join the party, head to paperfury and link in. Just like every English tag I snag I'll do it Here we go:

1. Why did you start blogging?

Actually I just saw these possibilities you have, when you start a blog, that you can publish stories on the Internet, so everbody can read them. Then I read a lot of book blogs and started writing reviews and answering tags and so on, until my blogs was, well, just the way it is now.

2. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?

I think Dreamjob: Writer is a very obvious name. So hey, let's talk about my nickname. You know, I once took part at a writing contest. The story I wrote wasn't really good, but I had some fairy wind creatures in the story, that I called Windsprites. When it was to choose something for my googlemail name, I chose windsprite.haas, because that wouldn't lead to me that obviously and when I then had to choose my blogger name, that was the first thing coming up to my mind and also one of the first topics I wrote on my blog. I mean the windsprites I've made up for my stories. Maybe one day I'll finally re-write that story and oublish it here, let's see...

3. How many designs have you been through since you started blogging? (Pictures! We demand pictures!)

Too many to count! And I've got screenshots of all of them and could actually set up a gallery page on this blog, just for them. But I'll present the most markable design's I've had, all of them only in this year. Crazy, that I'm not blogging for even a year and already have improved so much in designing a blog. So, you demand pictures? Here are some:

I wasn't really consequent in translating every single shit on my blog to English. Well, at the moment I'm not really consequent in keeping everything bilingual by writing it in English directly, but it's such a huge effort of translating, that I don't have the patience for that.

That was when I did first steps in using CSS and in properly editing pictures before using them on the blog.

This wasn't the biggest change ever I had, but it's simply remarkable, because I saved the screenshot as "final blogdesign". Oh well.

That was the first time I really was proud of my design. I really felt cool, when I did this. Consider, that I used the same standard blog template that I started with, and never even tryed any other template for the blog.

This was when I added the dropdown menu and removed the standard menu

This was just some experiment inbetween, that probably nobody remembers

 This is really close to what I have now. But still not quite the same.

 And this is what it looks right now. Phew, are you already startled with my load of designs?
I know, I'm re-using many elements from the beginning again and again. I usually can't easily say goodbye to the old pictures but on the other hand get tired of the design itself very often, so that's why the seem to look all the same and somehow do not.

4. Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you move? If you haven’t ever changed…why?

I once tested, but it was only an experiment, and finally I decided to keep with blogger. If I ever switch to wordpress, it'll be a self-hosted blog, because is stupid. But as a fifteen year-old girl you don't get the budget for an own blog domain. I've thought about joining a free hoster as, but since you also only get subdomains there I'm not sure if that's the thing I really want.

5. How long does it take you to write a post? What’s your postly process like?

I think they way it works best, is when I just write from scratch in the blogger editor and just don't think to much about it. Sometimes I write posts in my notebook (the paper thing, not the computer) before I write them on the blog and usually the last step is translating everything. I don't use many pictures on my blog, but when I do, it doesn't take much time for me, just a few minutes of editing a picture I've taken, except maybe when I use a drawing.

6. Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why?! What was it?

 When I reviewed my first erotic novel. Actually I felt a bit guilty for even having read that book. And I wondered, what my parents would think, if they read this blog. They actually know about it, but they don't stalk me and I'm glad about that.

7. Do you have a blogging schedule?

 No. Wouldn't work anyway. Also, I have to write something that fits to the time I write it.

8. Do you tell people In-Real-Life about your blog? Their reactions?

I'm actually spamming my friends with my blog. The first commenters where only my real life friends, until it started to become less interesting for them and now we usually talk about my contents in real life, at least sometimes.

9. Top ten blogs you read/comment on the most! Go! Go!

 Oh no! I've made this list so many times, because every second stuid tag asks them. Also dear Cait, if you read this, most of them are German blogs. But *sigh* if you really demand it, I'll do that list:
Miras wunderbare Welt der Bücher
Monstermeute und Zeuchs
Julies little Paradise
Raven's Forest
Ravens and Writingdesks
Elfi's Blog
Meintraum Blog
Fräuleins Tagebuch

These are my favorite blogs from those Bloggers who blog regularly. There are other great blogs too, but there aren't a lot of posts on them, so I don't read much of them and I don't get a lot of chances to comment on them. Well, all of them except the first one, where actually nothing happens, but it's the one blog I used to comment and read most, before Mira, the blogger started to concentrate on writing her novel instead of blogging. Also it's those, that I view so often, that me and my browser both know the domains by heart. Nevertheless these blogs are great.

10. If you could change/improve things about your blog, what would they be?

I'd start writing more interesting content instead of working off so many tags. But, you see, tags are great and easy to write...

So, I hope you all enjoyed it and that you'll leave a load of comments here for me to answer... see ya.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

30 Follower und anderes Gekritzel /30 Followers and other Scribblings

Gespräch mit meiner Spiegeltherapeuthin

ich | meine Spiegeltherapeuthin

-Schau mal, ich hab jetzt dreißig Follower!
-Ja... ich weiß... es ist...
-...unwichtig und realitätsfern. Kümmere dich endlich um dein echtes Leben statt nur in Blogs heruzuhängen.
-Blogs sind toll!
-Ich weiß, aber nimm sie doch nicht so wichtig.
-Es ist aber wichtig! Es heißt doch, dass sich Leute für das Geschreibsel interessieren, obwohl du es ewig als Blödsinn abgetan hast.
-Mag sein. Denk lieber an deine Freunde, die du mit deinem Newsletter zuspammst. Was sagen die dazu?
-Naja... es hat sich noch keiner beklagt.
-Und sonst?
-Das ist die Frage... glaubst du ich nerve sie dadurch?
-Sie finden auf jeden Fall verrückt, dass du überhaupt bloggst
-Hmm, damit kann ich leben. Ich glaube ich belohne jetzt einfach mich selbst mit einem großen Schokonikolaus, okay? Nix mit Gewinnspiel, okay?

me | my mirror therapist

-Look, I've got thirty followers!
-Great. *sighs*
-Yes, I know... it's...
-...unimportant and far from reality. Care about your real life instead of just hanging around in blogs.
-Blogs are great!
-I know, but don't take them too serious.
-But it's important! It means that people are interested in my scribblings, even though you have always just dismissed a rubbish
-Maybe. Think about your friends you're spamming with your Newsletter. What did they say about this?
-Well, at least nobody complained.
-And otherwise?
-That's the question... do you think I annoy them?
-At least they think it's crazy that you blog at all
-Hmm, I think I can live with that. I'm going to reward myself with a a big chocolate santa claus, okay? Nothing with giveaway and stuff, okay?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fünf am Freitag /Friday Five #23

Die fünf unwiderstehlichsten Plätzchensorten -sie sind sofort wieder weg... /The five most irresistible kinds of christmas cookies -they disappear immediately...

Jetzt ist bald Weihnachtszeit. Die einen Stöhnen auf, weil sie wissen, dass sie sich am Ende der Saison Magenschmerzen haben werden, die anderen freuen sich schon Wochen vorher darauf, Plätzchen zu backen. Ich weiß nicht so recht, zu welcher Kategorie ich gehöre. Da Schnee fehlt, kann man irgendwie die Plätzchen nicht durch fleißiges Schlittenfahren ausgleichen...
Heute mache ich mal einen Countdown, das heißt, ich fange ganz unten an und das Beste kommt zum Schluss :-)
    It's almost Christmas time. Some may moan because they know, that  at the end of this season they will have stomachache, others where already looking forward to baking christmas cookies. I don't quite know to which category I belong. Since snow is missing you can't compense the cookies through a busy sleighing....
Today I'm making a countdown, with beginning at the bottom of my list and the best coming at the end :-)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Winterlesen /Winter Reading

Das Gras ist so grün wie eh und je, aber wenigstens ist es Dezember, also habe ich mir endlich die Zeit genommen, das "Winterlesen" Stöckchen zu bearbeiten, das komischerweise schon seit Oktober kursiert, und das über Lioba zu mir kam, die übrigens auch das Banner gemacht hat :-)
     The gras is a green as ever, but at least it's December, so I've finally taken some time to work on the "Winter Reading"-tag that strangely already exists since October and that came to me through Lioba, who has also created the banner.

1. Kuscheldecke: Welches Buch findest du so schön, dass du es immer wieder lesen wirst und auch nie weggibst? /Blanky: Which book do you find so beautifully written, that you will read it again and again and never give it away?

Der kleine Prinz. Das ist ein Buch, das einfach wunderschön ist. Ich kann manche Sätze minutenlang mehrmals lesen, oder das Buch zuklappen und zufrieden über den einen einzigen Satz grinsen, bevor ich weiterlese. Leider ist das Buch zu klein und zu dünn zum kuscheln oder umarmen.
     The little prince. That's a book that simply is beautiful. I could read some sentences again and again for several minutes, or simply close the book and grin happily about a single sentence before I read on. Regrettably the book is too small and thin for cuddling and hugging

2. Heißgetränk: Welches Buch hast du voller Vorfreude gekauft und warst dann ziemlich enttäuscht? /Hot drink: Which book did you buy of anticipation and then it embarrassed you?

Odessa und die geheime Welt der Bücher. Ich habe wochenlang das Cover und den Klappentext angestarrt, immer und immer wieder. Das Buch war komischerweise in Plastikfolie verpackt, also konnte ich nicht reinschmökern, was für mich das Schlimmste überhaupt war, denn die äußere Form verhieß mir so einiges. Dann las ich das Buch und fand es einfach nur banal. Damals war ich zwölf und seitdem bin ich von jeglichen Coverkäufen und Klappentextversprechen geheilt. Ich muss reingeschmökert haben, oder eine Empfehlung von jemandem bekommen haben, von dem ich weiß, dass er a) weiß, wem er was empfiehlt oder b) einen ähnlichen Buchgeschmack wie ich hat.
     Little Odessa (I don't know what the actual English title of this book or if there is even an English issue). I've stared for weeks at the cover and the blurb, again and again.The book was packed in plastic sheet, so I couldn't read in it, which was the worst thing in the world for me, because the outside seemed so promising. Then I read the book and just found it banal. I was twelve and since back then I'm healed from judging books by their cover and blurb. I must hav read in them, or have a recommendation by somebody, fromm which I know that he a) know whom he recommends what or b) has a similar taste as me.

3. Schokolade: Welches Buch war dein absoluter Pageturner, sprich welches hast du in kürzester Zeit verschlungen und genossen? /Chocolate: Which book was your absolute  pageturner, which book have you devoured in the shortest possible time and enjoyed it?

Mein erster Dan Brown Roman, das war "Diabolus" -übrigens, der Roman berichtet mal eben so nebenbei Ende der 90er über die NSA und was die so tun. Das war, bevor ich gemerkt habe, wie ähnlich die sich alle sind und von da jeden einzelnen Dan Brown Roman ziemlich schnell bis zur Hälfte durchgefressen hatte, aber erst Wochen später beendet habe. Eine ziemliche Eintagsfliege war auch "Zeitsplitter -die Jägerin" von Cristin Terill, das habe ich morgens begonnen und abends beendet. Oder Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes. Das war übrigens das Buch, das mich zu der Wrtneuschöpfung Lesekater inspirierte, denn ich war quasi so berauscht davon, dass ich es nicht aus der Hand legen wollte, obwohl es schon weit nach Mitternacht war.
     My first Dan Brown, that was "Digital Fortress" -by the way, the novel tells just like that in the end of the nineties about the NSA and what they do. That was, before I realized, how similar they all are and from then on I was very quickly at the half of every Dan Brown book I read, but took weeks to read the end. Quite a mayfly was also "All our Yesterdays" by Cristin Terill, I began it in the morning and ended in the evening. Or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. That was by the way the book that inspired to the neologism reading hangover, because I was quasi so "druggy" of the book. that I didn't want to give it away, even though it was far after midnight.

4. Buch: Welches Buch liest du derzeit und wie gefällt es dir bis jetzt? /Which book are you reading at the moment and how do you like it so far?

 Momentan lese ich parallel "Draußen wartet die Welt" von Nancy Grossmann und den zweiten Band von Artemis Fowl. Beides mag ich eigentlich soweit ganz gerne, auch wenn ich bei "Draußen wartet die Welt" eben annehme, dass es da wieder um so eine Beziehungskiste geht und bei Artemis Fowl manches teilweise so gekünstelt und übertrieben ist, dass man sich um Charakterentwicklung keine Gedanken machen muss (die Charaktere entwickeln sich nämlich meiner Meinung nach so gut wie gar nicht. Aber ich finde das okay so, die Handlung ist witzig und schön absurd)
Ach jaaa... und da ist noch "Ulysses" von James Joyce durch das ich mich gerade abends durchzuwursteln versuche, bei dem ich aber täglich vielleicht fünf von mehr als neunhundert Seiten schaffe. Das Buch ist schon ein verzwicktes.
     I'm currently reading at the same time "A world away" by Nancy Grossmann and the second book of Artemis Fowl. I like both quite well, even though of "A world away" I exspect a relationship thingie and Artemis Fowl is so affected and exaggerated, that you don't have to worry about character development (in my opinion the characters almost don't develop. But I think that's okay, the plot  is funny and wonderfully absurd)
Ah yeees... and there's "Ulysses" by James Joyce that I'm trying to muddle through in the evenings, but where I only manage to read about five of more than ninehundred pages. That book really is a hard one.

Wer die Fragen interessant findet, darf sie mitnehmen und beantworten :-)
     If you like these questions you're free to take them and answer them too :-)

Hilfe, ich werde verfolgt! /Help, I'm being followed!